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Academy for the Gifted

Winner of a National Indie Excellence Award in Young Adult Fiction

Winner of a Scholastic Gold Key


School can be cutthroat. Friends can backstab. Literally.


Upon arrival at the prestigious Grant Academy for the Gifted, high school senior Bexley Windsor quickly realizes boarding school is far from a liberating escape from her dark past. At her first party, she finds a student’s lifeless body sprawled in blood, and she’s the only one to blame.

Propelled by school-wide murder accusations, Bexley—with the help of two peers—works to find the killer, who resides within the Academy’s walls. But as more discoveries are made, the truth becomes tangled and dangerous. If Bexley fails, she could get expelled, or worse—the killer could strike again.

Mystery lurks beneath the crawling ivy and within the cutthroat elite system. And at Grant Academy, no one can be trusted.

What Goodreads reviewers are saying about Academy for the Gifted:

“This story will surprise you, delight you, and have you turning the pages back and forth in hopes of figuring out this genius mystery. Hudson Warm’s characters are so likeable, real, and completely unexpected. Honestly, I stared at the ceiling for a long time after finishing it. I absolutely loved this novel!!”

“This story is Gossip Girl meets Vampire Diaries and I loved every moment of it."

"@hudsonwarmbooks is a junior in high school. And this is her second book. To say Hudson is talented is an understatement."

Not the Heir

1st Place Winner of a Purple Dragonfly Award in Youth Author Fiction


A jealous prince. A legendary key. An enchanted forest.


In the kingdom of Silverkeep, seventeen-year-old Basil Avington is accustomed to his opulent life as a prince. That is, until the king’s unforeseen death. Now the future is approaching sooner than Basil thought. His twin—eldest by seven minutes—has stolen his first love, his dignity, and soon, will take the throne. There’s only one way for Basil to attain power: embarking on a perilous venture to find King Philip’s key, which, according to ancient lore, bestows the kingdom upon its possessor. But it’s been lost for centuries.


Armed with only a bejeweled sword and imaginative wit, Basil is not prepared for what’s to come. The magical forest of Golden Grove will pull him into a world of horse-legged satyrs, a stunning nymph, and the evil Ambrosia—a forest tyrant with baffling powers. His selfish hunt for the key will endanger his life, but failure would lead to an unbearable existence second to his undeserving brother.


Unfortunately, the Silverkeep throne seats one.

Collecting Dust - Ebook.jpg

Collecting Dust
Fresh Voices in Short Fiction and Poetry

Voices from Malaysia to New York, from South Korea to Argentina, emerge in this poignant collection of short fiction and poetry.

It is morning. We wake beside our loved ones; we reminisce on an elementary romance. Then comes twilight. We fall in love with pyromaniacs; we realize that perhaps we do not need magic; we find ourselves to lose ourselves again. Night falls. Monsters arise; hearts break; we become our fathers.

These are the stories of the rays of sun and the dark corners; the beginnings and the endings; the mornings, the twilights, and finally, the nights. The moments we dwell fondly upon and the moments that remain buried in memory, collecting dust.

[short fiction and poetry from authors around the world, created and edited by Hudson Warm]

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